Summer Term 2020 at Tadcaster Scout Group

Programme information and introduction to Scouting at home


A message from John Swift, Group Scout Leader

These are challenging times for us all but, as a Group, we have to make certain decisions to protect our young people’s future in Scouting. While face-to-face meetings and activities are suspended the Group Executive and Leaders are still working away in the background to secure a positive future for all.

The Leaders are preparing an online programme of activities where parents and carers can work with their young people if they so wish to complete badge work and continue their scouting involvement until we can all get to meet together again face-to-face.

The Leaders are also planning to share a range of events, which we will advise you of in the next day or so, events that you can participate in from the safety of home with the rest of the family. In the longer term we are in the early stages of planning our annual Group camp, which will likely be at the end of September or early October. A huge celebration is proposed for all at this event. We will provide further details as soon as we are able.

As a Group we are opening a new Beaver colony as of now which will eventually run on a Monday evening, as planned before the nationwide lockdown. However, new members who are being invited to join from our waiting list, will be encouraged to participate in the planned online activities and events.

The Executive Committee are doing everything possible to reduce spend but still provide a safe and well-maintained meeting place for when we return to normal Scouting. As many of you may already know we are a part of a national organization, as well as being a charity run solely by volunteers at local level.


The subscriptions you pay for your child to participate in Scouting in Tadcaster is used in a variety of ways. For those who are unaware we thought now would be a good time to explain how we spend your money!

Subscriptions in Tadcaster are one of the cheapest in the local Scouting area, Wetherby District, at £94.50 per year (ie £31.50 per term). From this sum we pay an annual capitation fee which, in 2020 was around £46 per head. Scouting Headquarters charged around £29 per head, with the remaining amount being paid over to Central Yorkshire and Wetherby District Scouts. The remaining figure, around £48 per young person is used by Tadcaster Scout Group to pay for utility bills for the Scout Hut, including refuse collection, various insurance policies, maintenance of the building, the OSM system for parents to access, badges for the young people and, finally, the resources needed to run the various sections week in week out. As you may be aware we supplement this figure by claiming Gift Aid on your subscriptions and by various fundraising events throughout the year.

Many members of the Executive Committee, plus some Leaders, met digitally last week to assess our expected financial needs for the Summer Term. The good news is that, having secured a grant from Selby District Council, we will NOT be charging any subscriptions for this Summer Term, even though we will have still to pay the full capitation fee to Headquarters and 50% of the County and District fees for this term.

We are hopeful that we will be able to return to regular Scouting before the end of the Summer term but, obviously, we will be guided by the Government and the National Scouting Association, who send out regular updates. We will keep you all informed via OSM, the website and Facebook, so please look out for information and updates.

John Swift
Group Scout Leader

Welcome back to this rather unusual Tadcaster Scout Group Summer term. We have some special messages from your section leaders to welcome you back and give you some idea of what we will be doing to give you some activities to work on at home.

In these challenging times, many of the volunteers who run the group are still very busy with work and home life. Please use the email addresses on the Parent Portal Dashboard to contact your section Leaders, or by using the new chat features while completing badges and attending virtual meetings to get help from other parents.

More details about these new features are shown below to introduce the recent additions to the Online Scout Manager system, please take a look through this information and then log in to take part at home via the Parent Portal.

The programme is still being updated with more activities across the group so please be patient and wait for details to appear on OSM, some extra events will be sent out in the next few days.

Thank you for all your continued support, and we hope you enjoy the programme as much as possible at home.

Click the tabs above to hear from your section leaders.




A big hello to all Beavers and parents! In these difficult and testing times, the Scouting movement has risen to the challenge of continuing the programme virtually so that our you can still work towards badges whilst at home! We would much rather be seeing you all for the start of the summer term in person, but as the next best thing, we are excited to see all of the work that you complete at home with adult help.

We would love to hear and see what you’ve been busy doing whilst in lockdown. Please don’t feel under any pressure to complete all of the activities; we just want you to have a go. We thought that it would be a welcomed break from school work and a chance to do something a little bit different than normal.

Remember your Beaver promise – To do your best, be kind and helpful and love God. Try to do your best every day and be kind to your family, helping your parents as much as you can!

Stay safe everyone.

Your Beaver Leaders (Monday, Thursday & Friday)

Hello everyone! A warm summer welcome to you all, Cubs, parents and carers alike.

Some of you will be very familiar with Cubs and our programmes and activities. Some will have just joined us from Beavers, whilst others are completely new to Scouting.

As we are unable to meet you all on a face-to-face basis the Scouting movement has provided the means whereby badges, events and challenges can be worked on virtually through various means.

We have set up a Cub programme for you to access via OSM, which we hope that as many as possible will “do their best” to tackle whenever possible. You can dip in and out of the programme depending on time availability etc to suit the needs of you and your family. In many instances the whole family can take part in the fun!
Just remember to let us know what you are doing – photos, videos or just the basic information, will keep us entertained during lockdown. We will record any completed badgework on OSM, with badges being presented at the earliest opportunity. It could be a mammoth task for Leaders to present those due!

So, stay active, stay involve, but, most importantly, stay safe!

All the Tuesday and Wednesday night Cub Leaders.

Instructions for ‘Programme at Home’ on OSM Parent Portal

Click on the images to see a larger version of the screenshot showing the programme.

  1. Log into OSM and you will see the meeting programme on the dashboard.
  2. Basic details are shown about what we would like you to complete during the meeting, with the badge icon showing what the work will go towards.
  3. Click on the blue ‘Participate At Home’ button to get more information and take part in the meeting.

The top of the page will show you a message from your leader about the activity. Any resources to download will either show directly on this screen, or by following the instructions below.


  1. To view information and resources for the meeting click on the activity link.
  2. The activity screen will open to show you more instructions and explain what you might need to complete the task.
  3. The downloads section will contain a varety of resources useful to complete the work at home, these may include documents, images or videos.
  4. Once you have completed the task go back to the programme screen to upload your photos and files to show what you have been working on.
  5. You can also leave a message or ask any questions on the open chat. (This is not filtered or moderated so parents only please!)

Your evidence can come in many different forms – such as a photo of written work or similar; a video completing the activity, a statement from an adult explaining what has been completed by your child and when.

Once you’ve uploaded your evidence, leaders can then check it all and approve for the badge to be awarded. Please note that all badges achieved whilst ‘at home’ will be awarded once we get back to normal meetings.

Some members will have already achieved aspects of the badges that we have set work for. Please ensure that you have clicked on the ‘badge’ tab in OSM to check what your child has and hasn’t achieved already to avoid duplicating activities.

Instructions for ‘Badges at Home’ on OSM Parent Portal

You may have the opportunity to complete some extra badge work while at home. Follow the steps below to see which badges are available and upload your activity evidence.

    • Go to the badge tab on your childs Parent Portal page.
    • Badges will be filled in colour to show how complete the requirements are for obtaining the badge. Clicking on the image will show the requirements as shown above.
    • Any badges which are available to be completed at home will be shown with a small house icon in the top right corner, clicking on the badge will show the requirements, but also a ‘Complete at Home’ button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Click this button to go to the details for the badge, with instructions and resources from leaders to help complete the work.
    • When you upload evidence you can select which area of the badge requirements it is to cover, and also leave messages and questions on the chat system.
    • Leaders can also request and share the evidence you upload (with your consent) to help other members complete the work.

    This video is by the developer of the system, and will guide you through the Badges At Home system in more detail.

    To see all the badges available in Scouting and full details of how to achieve them, why not have a look around the Scout website. You can access the badge pages directly using the links below.