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6 to 8 years

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Try new things. Make new friends. Joining Beavers is the next step in the early days of your big adventure.

Being a Beaver

Beavers are young people aged 6 to 8 who get an introduction to outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative, explore your local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout sleepover with your friends.

Activities and what you’ll get up to

Get an introduction to outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative, explore your local community and experience the excitement of a Beaver Scout sleepover with your friends. Termly events such as Remembrance Parade, Christmas fun day and trips to the local swimming pool.

Badges and Awards

Become an expert in something you love or try something shiny and new. There’s a badge to suit each and every Beaver.

If you are wondering where these all go on the uniform then click on the image to see the positions for the different types of badges. Some of these badges are carried over from Squirrels, and will continue to be on the uniform when moving on to Cubs.

More information about the badges available can be found on the Scout Website.

Beavers badge positions on uniform

The Promise

As an inclusive and values-based Movement, membership is open to all those individuals who share our fundamental values, and are willing to make a commitment to them, expressed by the Promise and Law.

The Beaver Scout Promise

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Atheist or of no faith background

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to love our world.

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Buddhist

I promise to do my best to be kind and helpful and to act with love towards everyone.

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Christian

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love God

 The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Hindu

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love the world.

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Humanist

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love our world.

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Jewish

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love God

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Muslim

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love Allah

The Beaver Scout Promise for members who are Sikh

I promise to do my best and to be kind and helpful and to love Waheguru.

Beavers Camp FAQs

We know that for many of our Beavers, camp will be the first time they have stayed away from home without family. We have tried to put together a list of all the things we have been asked over the years.
Please take a look through, and if you have any questions, please speak to your child’s Leader!

Click to view the Beaver Camp FAQ

Beavers Camping? Why?

Outdoor activities and adventure are a central part of what Scouting is all about. While we deliver these in an age-appropriate manner, we feel that taking Beavers Camping for a short time at a local site with the appropriate amenities is an excellent way to go about this. Not only will they have fun and learn new skills, but we feel they may learn a lot about themselves too. It’s also a great way for them to work with, and learn from, older cubs and scouts.

Which Leaders Will Be There?

This will vary somewhat, normally your child’s Leader and/or Assistant Leader(s) will be among there. Importantly, the person in overall charge of the camp will hold an appropriate Nights Away Permit. This shows that they have undertaken and passed a thorough assessment to prove that they have the knowledge, skills and experience to safely take responsibility.

What Activities Will You Be Running?

This will vary according to the theme and/or aims of the camp, and more information may be available in the letters about the specific camp. However, you can be assured that Beavers will have the chance to take part in a safe, busy and varied programme. Depending on the camp, they may have free choice of activities, be directed to do certain activities, or a mixture of the two.

How can I see what’s going on?

We always try to take lots of photos and add them to our Facebook page. However, we may not be able to do this if Leaders are all busy or if there are a lot of children we might not get a picture of each of them. Depending on where we are, we may also be limited by mobile coverage! If it is a District or County camp pictures may be put on their Facebook pages as well. Please speak to a Leader for more information or if you do not want your child to appear in any pictures.

Aren’t Beavers Too Young To Spend The Night Away?

As the person who knows your child the best, only you can fully answer that. As Leaders, we do feel that most Beavers should be able to enjoy one night away at a location near to home. Homesickness does occasionally occur, but this can usually be dealt with by keeping everybody occupied, warm and fed. We plan to do all of these! Of course, if all else fails we would never expect a homesick child to remain on camp against their wishes, and this is why we ask that parents are available just in case.

We’re away for the weekend – that’s ok isn’t it?

That’s fine – so long as you have provided emergency contact details of someone who will be available in an emergency. While we thankfully do not have to often call, if your child is unwell, we need someone who can come and collect them – even if that is at 2am!

My child was off school sick – can they still come?

Please do not send an unwell child to camp. If they were off school earlier in the week, and are now fully recovered, then by all means do send them. But please don’t send a child who is unwell as they will feel miserable. Equally, please don’t send a child with a contagious illness, or one who is still in the isolation period following a bout of D&V for example – it’s not fair on them or the other Beavers/Leaders.

What Do We Need To Provide?

A full kit list will be supplied. Please note that full sized air beds or lilos will not fit in our tents – a foam camping roll mat or self inflating mat is ideal. A camp blanket will provide a little extra comfort too, as well as making a good poncho for a little extra warmth around the camp fire.
If we are camping, most of our activities will be outdoors. With this in mind, some warm layers are essential, as well as waterproofs (jacket and trousers) and sensible footwear.

Are jeans ok to send?

Please do not send your child with jeans – they are incredibly heavy and uncomfortable when wet. Jogging bottoms or activity trousers are much more useful. Beavers will be very active so something that they can run/climb in and doesn’t matter if it gets muddy is ideal.

You’ve asked for plates/cutlery etc – do I really need to send these?

Yes – whilst we have some spares in case of breakages, we do need you to send everything on the kit list. Please do not send your best china – or anything that will not stand up to being used by Beavers!

My child recognises all their stuff – do I really need to label it all?

Yes – if you want to see it again! There will be a lot of young people on camp. We will do our best to return lost property, but please label it so that we have a fighting chance of reuniting Beavers with their stuff!

Can I use a bin bag to put everything in?

Please do not attempt to pack all your child’s equipment in a black bin bag or similar. It is a fair walk from the car park to where we are camping. Bin bags are also not suitable to have in tents due to the risk of suffocation.

Can they bring electronic devices/phones?

Please do not send your child with electronics – these will be confiscated.

Why do you ask that we pack the bag with our child?

It is amazing how many Beavers will tell us they have no toothbrush/spare pants/socks only for us to find them when we look in their bag. Please pack their bag with them so that they know where everything is – and have an idea of how to repack their own bag!

Who will wash-up/make their bed etc?

They will! We will of course be there to supervise, help and support them, but Beavers will make their own beds, pack their bags at the end of camp and wash up their own plates etc. Please encourage them to practice at home, but we will be helping them and supporting them to learn on camp.

What should I do with medicines?

Please make sure all medication is:
● In the original containers
● Clearly labelled with your child’s name and section
● Has been documented on the consent form
● Has clear instructions of when/how it is to be taken
● Is handed to a Leader and not left in your child’s bag.

Where Will The Adults Be Sleeping?

Scout Association rules state that adults must have separate sleeping accommodation from children. When we take Beavers camping, Leaders will sleep in their own tents near to the Beavers tents. All Beavers will know which tent to “knock” on if they have a problem during the night – we have fairy lights around the outside of the Beaver Leader tent so that they can find us easily.

My Child Sleepwalks, Has Night Terrors Etc. Is This A Problem?

No problem at all. At Beaver age this is not unusual. We will always deal with this discreetly and have a number of strategies to cope with this depending upon what is used at home. It does make things easier for leaders if we are aware of any potential issues before the camp though. Please talk to us about it before the camp.

My Child Is Not Dry At Night

This is an issue that we are used to dealing with sensitively. If this is a possibility, we would ask that you pack an extra set of nightwear, and any sanitary products your child may require. For our part, we can provide a spare sleeping bag and discreet disposal facilities, but please do talk to us about it before the camp!

They Have Dietary Requirements.

Not a problem. Provided we are aware beforehand, we can make sure that requirements are met. We may struggle more with likes and dislikes, but there will always be some way that we can provide. We plan for everyone to eat well, both in terms of quantity and quality. We do ask that we are made aware of any requirements in plenty of time so that we can shop accordingly! If your child does have any allergies, please make sure these are all clearly stated on their consent form – and please do talk to us before hand!

My child is a fussy eater – what happens?

We provide a range of foods, and there is normally a choice of a couple of different food options. We also find that generally Beavers will try (and enjoy) foods they would not eat at home when they’re eating with their friends.

Can I send them with food?

A number of members of our Scout group have severe allergies. With this in mind, Beavers must not bring any food with them – this includes sweets etc. We will be well fed by the catering team so additional snacks will not be required. Leaders will confiscate any food they come across. The only exception to this is where it has been agreed with the Leader in charge to help manage specific dietary requirements – if you feel that this is appropriate for your child – please speak to us before the camp.

Can I Come With Them?

Possibly, depending on available tent space for adults. You would need to have a DBS check (new version of CRB) carried out. We can arrange this, but it can take several weeks to come back so needs to be done well in advance.

I have a DBS with work, can I not use that?

No – Scout Association rules are that you must hold a scouting DBS – they will not share!

Will Girls And Boys Sleep Separately?

While this is not a Scout Association requirement for Beavers camping, it is pretty much a certainty if we are in tents. The only issue would be if we only had one girl attending, as we would not allow a child to sleep alone for safety reasons.

What Time Is Bedtime?

This can vary somewhat, but we try to make sure that Beavers get a decent amount of sleep. Hopefully, they will be tired after a day of activity, but we do occasionally stay up a little later than may be expected in order to make sure they are tired enough to fall asleep easily once they do retire.

Can I collect them early?

Camp finishes at a set time – until then, the gates may be closed and locked. It MAY be possible to collect them earlier from some camps – but not always, and there may only be specific times that they can be collected for Health and Safety reasons. Please speak to us beforehand if you want to collect your child early so we can discuss it with you. It may be that it is not possible to collect early.

Do we have to stay for the closing ceremony?

Yes! It’s an important part of the experience and gives us the opportunity to celebrate the successes of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Leaders – both from our group and our wider scouting family.

Types of camp.

Over their time in Scouting Beavers might be invited on a number of different camps:

  • Section camps – with just Tadcaster Beavers
  • Group camp – for members of Tadcaster Scout Group. Beavers will mix with Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.
  • District Camp – for groups from across Wetherby District, there will be young people from different groups here.
  • County Camp – for groups from across the Central Yorkshire Scouts area. The biggest camp that Beavers get invited to.

Not all camps run every year. There may be additional camps as well – for example camps for Wetherby Beavers etc.

What can I do to help?

We always need additional help and support – particularly transporting equipment to camp, setting up tents, taking tents down, and putting all the equipment away again. Please speak to a Leader who can let you know what we need help with (and thank you for offering!).

Nights Away badge