Tadcaster Cubs District Trading Post Challenge

27th Jan 2018


15 Cubs from Tadcaster took part in the District Cub Trading Post at Tadcaster Scout Hut.

In teams of 3 or 4 they started with £510 (Monopoly money!) and had to raise as much money as possible by completing a range of tasks and problem-solving activities.

Although we were not among the top 3 teams in the District all Tadcaster competitors had a great time cracking codes, cooking and buttering toast, ironing their neckers, guessing the flavour of crisps, making paper aeroplanes etc etc etc.

The results of the Tadcaster teams is as follows:

  • Dog Zombies. –  £1010
  • The Falcons –  £1480
  • Pink fluffy unicorns. –  £1540
  • TADDY!!!  –  £1560

Well done to Charlotte, Faye, Katherine, Aimee.  Girls rule! On this occasion at least.

Thank you to all parents who helped set up, ran bases, provide refreshments and helped clear up after the event.  We hope you enjoyed yourselves too.