Cubs Personal Challenge Award

Whilst we strive to enable Cubs to achieve as many badges as possible its not particularly easy to tackle some badges on a Pack night.

Also its good for Cubs to strive to achieve some badges at home, or using their hobbies and other personal activities to achieve more badges.


We are setting the following Challenge for all Cubs.


This will enable those who have not gained their Personal Challenge Award to work towards it. Even if they already have this badge why not earn one or two more badges anyway? 

Remember you can keep track of awarded badges by viewing the Badges section of the OSM Parent Portal.

Some activity badges have an activity pack on the Scout website for you to print off and complete, such as Personal Safety Badge and Animal Carer badge, a few of those are shown below, click on the badge to go directly to the page for that badge or follow the link to the main Scout website to view all the badges and requirements.

Visit the Scout Website Badge Page

Example Badge Requirements

Astronomer Activity Badge

How to earn your badge


  1. Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system.
  2. Explain the difference between a planet and a star.
  3. Learn how to observe the sun safely. Find out and explain how the earth moves around the sun.
  4. Observe the moon, using binoculars or a telescope if you can. Describe some of its features.
  5. Identify three constellations.
  6. Find out about two space-related subjects and present some information about them. You could find out about planets, the history of space exploration or space technology.

Some activity badges will be covered by hobbies and sports that you already carry out, eg Martial Arts, Equestrian. Others you may be able to do with your parents help, eg Chef, Home Help, and Environmental Conservation. Parents need to print off the requirements and sign against each one to say what their Cub did to complete each item.  We love to see photos too!!

Some staged badges can also be completed eg Swimmer, Digital Citizen, and Musician.  Decide which stage you are aiming to work on then get your swimming teacher, music teacher or parent to sign against each requirement to say that you have achieved this.

We have many, many badges in the office waiting to be handed out, so why not aim to complete some of the badges?