Bowness to Tadcaster Sponsored Walk

Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st July 2018

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Thanks to everyone who took part in this fantastic fundraising event, we are proud to announce we have have raised £9000 for Bloodwise.

Sue Natkus was present at the AGM and received the cheque on behalf of the charity, where the total was revealed, and the prizes announced for the highest amounts raised by members of the group.

A massive thank you again to everyone involved for helping us to smash our original target.

In 1992 an intrepid group of Tadcaster Scouts, Leaders, young people, families and friends completed a sponsored relay walk from Bowness on Windermere to Tadcaster to raise funds for the scout group in order to build their current scout hut and for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. This was in memory of Andrew Oliver, a young man, who had been through scouting in Tadcaster and who had become an Assistant Scout Leader with the Group. He sadly passed away from leukaemia in 1985 at the age of 20.

Earlier this year, there was a chance meeting between the current Group Scout Leader, John Swift, and Andrew’s brother Stuart Natkus. Stuart, who took part in the original walk as a 10-year-old scout, over a beer or two, recounted the original walk and suggested a re-run. The seeds were sown!!! The walk this time however would be entirely in aid of Bloodwise (formerly Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research.)

With the support of the Leaders from all those years ago and many Scouts who walked at that time, the walk was recreated and took place over the weekend of 29 June / 1 July 2018.

The first group of Scouts and leaders, including Robyn Derry and Matt Cattle, who walked the same leg as young scouts in1992, set off from Bowness at 7.30 pm on 29 June, carrying bottles of water taken from the lake. They finished their 10-mile section at Burnside at 11.30 pm and handed over the bottles of water to the next group of walkers, Tadcaster Explorers, who then set off on a 20-mile overnight section. At the end of each section a catering van was waiting to provide the walkers with burgers, bacon sandwiches , cake and fruit, as well as drinks.

At 12.30 on Saturday lunch time a group of Cubs, families and friends set off from Beckermonds to walk the ten miles to Kettlewell in blazing red-hot sun. In this group were the youngest and oldest walkers, Grace Pratt (6) and Sue Natkus respectively. Grace covered the last two miles singing and dancing her way to the line whilst Sue was suffering badly from cramp. There was no way either of them were going to give in, despite a support vehicle arriving every couple of miles to collect anyone who wanted to drop out, which no one did. The last of this group arrived in Kettlewell at 4.30, handed over the bottles of water, and the next group set off

The Tadcaster Cubs again joined the walk, this time at Wetherby on Sunday morning with the Beavers, parents, family and friends joining the walk from Newton Kyme to the river in Tadcaster. “The 112-mile walk was a fantastic achievement by Tadcaster Scouts,” commented John Swift, Tadcaster Scouts’ Group Scout Leader. “From my point of view, it was great to see so many people, approximately 125 of them, of all ages, getting involved. In true Scouting spirit, some of them were really “doing their best” and pushing themselves to the limit. One Explorer, who is also a Young Leader, walked over one-third of the total distance. Every participant should be proud of themselves, whatever their role in the event. Definitely a memorable experience for me and hopefully for all concerned!!”

All the walkers met at the river at 3 pm together with parents and friends. The water carried from Bowness was ceremoniously poured into the river at Tadcaster. Sue Sheriff from St Mary’s Church, Tadcaster conducted a memorial service for Andrew Oliver whose death from leukaemia age 20 inspired the original walk and for Andrew Baxter and Richard Cole who both took part in the 1992 walk as young scouts, but who have since both sadly passed away.

The walkers, waving flags and balloons, were led back to the scout hut by a piper where all enjoyed a barbeque and drinks.

The walk over the weekend was a hugh success and enjoyed by all. The aim at the outset was to raise £5000.00 solely for Bloodwise. It will be a while before all monies are accounted for but it is hoped we will have smashed that target figure. The final figure will be revealed at Tadcaster Scout Groups annual camp and AGM on 7th October, where the cheque will be handed over to a Bloodwise representative.

It is rare to have the chance to be involved in such an event but some had that honour twice in 1992 and 2018.

Many, many thanks must go to all of the following without who the event would not have taken place:

  • John Swift, 1st Tadcaster Group Scout Leader
  • Barbara Parsons, Assistant Group Scout Leader, Tadcaster
  • Stuart Natkus, Andrew Oliver’s brother
  • Melvin and Lewis Pratt, Tadcaster Carpets and furnishings.
  • Sue Natkus, Andrew Oliver’s mum
  • Stuart Kirkby, Tadcaster Group Executive
  • The 1982 Leaders who took part
    • Philip Guise
    • Tony Conway
    • Roy Chadwick
    • Mark Shuttleworth
  • The mini bus drivers, the catering van driver and chefs, Bloodwise North, the barman and chefs from the barbecue.
  • Too many to mention but massive thanks to all who helped in any way.

Our Sponsors

  • AGC Print Consultants
  • Bromets Tadcaster
  • Harrogate Spring Water
  • Tadcaster Carpets and Furnishings
  • Warburtons Bread
  • Wetherby District Scouts

Last, but not least, the walkers who took part in the event and the many family and friends who either sponsored the walkers or joined in themselves.
What a fantastic weekend – thanks again to all who contributed in any way.

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Some of the photos and coverage from the previous event in 1992.

Let us know if you recognise anyone or have a good story to tell!

Yorkshire News,

Monday June 29th 1992

Smiles as Scouts trek the miles

SCOUTS have raised many hundreds of pounds through a sponsored relay hike from Lake Windemere to Tadcaster.
The walk ended with a garden party yesterday at Tadcaster’s Jackdaw pub, which raised about £2000.
The money from each event is being divided between the 1st Tadcaster Scouts’ appeal for a new headquarters and tadcaster fund raiser Sue Natkus’ appeal for the Friends of the Leukaemia Unit at Leeds General infirmary.
The walk, involving several parties of scouts and cubs from the 1st Tadcaster group walking in relay, began at Bowness last friday night.
One party, (pictured left to right) Chris Whitaker, aged 14, Robin Derry, aged 13, Daniel Parsons, aged 12, Mark Evans, aged 13 and Edward Sykes, aged 12, is pictured before setting off for the Lakes from Tadcaster Grammar School.
Walking day and night, different sections of the 112-mile route were completed by each party.
Group scout chairman Peter Cornforth said today the event had gone without mishap, and fine weather throughout, and he hoped a four figure sum had been raised.

(Picture: James Hardisty)

Wetherby News

Friday, July 10, 1992


Sunday can be one of the most eventful days in Tadcaster where two linked events recently brought out the crowds.

As reported, Tadcaster Scouts completed a sponsored walk from Lake Windemere to Tadcaster in aid of their funds and leukaemia research.

A welcome awaited them at a garden party at the Jackdaw, Stutton, which was also for these funds.

Both events illustrated the strength of community spirit in the brewery town.

(Top Photo) Some of the Tadcaster Scouts who took part in the walk from Windermere to Tadcaster

(Bottom Photo) Selling in the sunshine at the crowded fete.